Welcome To Shailesh DG Sets

Shailesh DG Set Spares is a leading and experienced manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engine parts, offering a comprehensive range of precision engineered components for the construction, marine, agricultural, mining, gas compression, trucking and industrial sectors. The company was established in 1979 and is based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Shailesh DG Set Spares is well experienced in production of engine valves, valve guides, cylinder liners for diesel generators and marine engines. We supply complete range of designated diesel enigne products to clients across the globe.

In-Ex Valves

Shailesh DG Set Spares is well experienced in the production of engine valves and supplies complete range of designated products for customers throughout the globe...

Valve Guides

Our valve guides range consists of a wide variety of sizes and configurations. We have the ability to manufacture any type of valve guide needed to fit your specific, individual application...

Valve Seat Inserts

Shailesh DG Set Spares pioneered the development, manufacturing and application of cost-effective, high-performance valve seat inserts. Our products have become the...

Cylinder Liners

Shailesh DG Set Spares manufactures complete range of cylinder liners for the automotive and marine industries. We have the capacity and capability to develop and supply you...

Manufacturing Facilities

Over the years Shailesh DG Set Spares has created world-class capacities and capabilities. We have world class infrastructure with highly mechanized and versatile foundries, state-of-the-art machine shop with large scale process capability and sophisticated testing lab to produce high quality precision components.


For years Shailesh DG Set Spares has been manufacturing diesel engine parts for marine engines and gaining experience in the same area, where the engines are exposed to extremely hard working conditions. As a result we are manufacturing marine diesel engine parts which are of high quality and deliver high performance in demanding conditions.